Since its creation, ENNASR clinic has had one of the most efficient technical facilities in Africa: 2 ELEKTA linear accelerators (1 Versa HD and 1 Infinity).

In 2019, ENNASR clinic has just launched its second ELEKTA accelerator type Infinity with all the modern options available, which makes it a last generation machine.

In addition to the options for treatment and imaging techniques, available in the new machine, the machine has been configured to match our VERSA HD accelerator. This option enables identical treatment to be delivered on either machines and the provision of care to patients, without stopping the treatment in the event one of the 2 machines breaks down.

clinique Enasser Tunisie

With this acquisition, the technical facilities present high-quality modern radiotherapy, such as:

  • 3D radiotherapy (three dimensions): It is the most used radiotherapy technique today. It allows to match, as precisely as possible, the volume on which the rays will be directed to the volume of the tumor.
  • Radio therapy by intensity modulation: This technique consists in varying the shape of the beam during the same session to precisely adapt to the volume to be treated, even if it includes « hollows » or concavities.
  • Stereotaxic radiotherapy: It is a high precision technique based on the use of convergent microbeams allowing high volume irradiation of very small volumes. It is used to treat certain cranial or extra cranial tumors.
  • Our treatments are carried out under the supervision of a computerized system allowing to record all the events during the treatments to constitute a personalized history of each patient.